A Comic for Jason Molina

Comic For Jason Molina

Everything Should Try Again

You don’t forgive the silence for not speaking up
No matter how hard we’re trying it’s not hard enough
You rise before the lightning to meet it by yourself
You’ve been tired and a little sick
You’ve been trying to work with it

You drew your grave on every single map
You don’t plan on staying long
You plan on burning it
No matter how wrong it went
You don’t have much more room to forget
You don’t have much more room to forget

You don’t forgive even the lightning for leaving you
But everything should try again, even you
You followed the train through every prairie dawn
Said I’d like to see Ohio one more time before it’s gone
You had your hands up high in a prayer to crush your heart
And every single heart was that eight point start

Ever been tired
Ever been a little sick
Ever tried working through it.

 Jason Molina, 1973-2013

If you’ve never discovered Jason’s music (or even if you know and love it well) you can stream his entire catalogue here, for a limited time. It’s all I can listen to and it’s breaking my heart.


Prints of this piece are now available, with 100% of the profit being donated to Jason’s family/medical fund. You can purchase one here.

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