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How A Green Bean Comes To Life


A little over three years ago, I set pen to paper on Volume 1, Issue 1 of a little something I called The Green Bean.

When I decided I wanted to make my own magazine (I didn’t even really know what a zine was), I didn’t really think much about whether anyone would read it. I mean, I knew I wanted to sell it, but I never really expected anyone to buy, except perhaps well-meaning and polite friends and family who probably wouldn’t read it anyway.

Volume 1, Issue 1 came out in May 2010, and I was fortunate enough to have it reviewed on Pikaland which gave it a great headstart. Since then my regular(ish) paper ramblings have found a steadily growing audience all over the world, and I’m still not sure quite how! Perhaps it’s best not to question these things, and just be thankful to the people that support me to keep doing something that I love so much.

As the Green Bean heads into it’s fourth year of publication, production has become quite streamlined. It’s had to be, really, for me to keep it going alongside work on much bigger projects, Lighter Than My Shadow and The Crystal Mirror. Every issue begins life as a page of notes or a list, and I’m usually 2-3 issues ahead of myself with the planning. Sometimes I’ll settle on a theme that guides the content, other times I just add ideas to the list as and when the come and an issue ends up being a nice hotch-potch.

The issue I’m working on now is loosely about picnics and summer walks. I have other issues in the pipeline for later this year: one about moving to a new town, one about turning 30, and always my favourite ones to produce: an issue about an upcoming holiday.

Once I’ve planned a whole issue, I can start drawing (that’s tomorrow’s blog).

1 thought on “How A Green Bean Comes To Life”

  1. I’m so thrilled that the Green Bean is going strong Katie! I still treasure the spreads that we did together and I show it to my students too. How time flies! :)

    Here’s to many more issues in the future – and I’m waiting eagerly for your books too!

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