Work In Progress, Zines

How A Green Bean Comes To Life III


Once I’ve done the inking, my work on paper for a Green Bean is done for the time being. I scan the artwork (which is drawn at print size) and work in Photoshop to remove my pencil lines and yellowy choice of paper, leaving a crisp black and white illustration.

I do this for each double page, gradually over the space of a few weeks – sometimes months! – until I have 32 pages of artwork and a front cover. These I assemble into a PDF document and then trundle along to the printers, rucksack full of precious recycled paper.

It took me a bit of trial and error and a couple of bad print runs to find the right printer for The Green Bean. I knew I wanted it to be somewhere local, so I could visit in person to explain my very specific requirements and check proofs. I didn’t really mind how much I had to pay so long as the zines looked right, and in the end I found competitive prices and great service at Clifton Print Services, who’ve been printing The Green Beans ever since. I can’t recommend them highly enough and, though it will complicate matters slightly, I hope to keep using them to print The Green Bean even when I no longer live in Bristol!

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