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Sparkling Narwhals

narwhal badge

Over the last couple of years of intensive book work I haven’t found much time for crafting. It’s been such a delight recently to pick up a needle and thread, knitting needles, yarn or fabric – all sorts that I’ve been stashing forever, and get creative in a different way. I find all kinds of hand work so relaxing, including drawing of course, but the change feels especially good, as does trying something different. When I used to work in Creativity I ogled the delicious embroidery threads all the time, dreaming up colourways and projects. This is the first time I’ve used metallic threads; a little challenging to work with, but fun!

These sparkling narwhals appear in the latest Green Bean, and are a gift for a narwhal-loving friend: I hope when the recipient sees them on my blog she’ll know instantly they’re for her :)


4 thoughts on “Sparkling Narwhals”

  1. Sparkling Narwhals are the best kind of narwhal. I’m so pleased to have found you blog as I have found your book and journey so comforting and inspiring. I hope your friend likes her present!

  2. It looks like a scouting badge for something. Piscine Jousting? Aqueous Synchronised Leaping? Or maybe from the blazer of a little known sea-side public school – St. Monodon’s, perhaps. :)

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