My First Knitting Lesson

I’ve been continuing to enjoy making things with thread and yarn lately, rather than (or as well as) pen and paper. Particularly I’ve rediscovered the joys of knitting, and that inspired me to make this little comic about my first knitting lesson with my fabulous Grandma when I was about seven years old.

knitting with grandma

My skills have progressed a little since then…



  1. A teacher at school taught myself and a friend to knit because we were pretending to – and I still remember the event clearly, but unfortunately none of the knitting knowledge! Love third panel -reminds me of a book – Grandmother Lucy and her Hats – that I had as a child where one of the hats with a net makes her look like she has a moustache.

  2. aw I love skills passed down through families. I try and pass on all I have learnt to my stepdaughter. Its lovely that you have progressed so much and carried it on as well :-)

  3. francesca kay · · Reply

    I love these pictures. Being left handed, I taught myself to knit by looking at a book with diagrams and pretending it was a mirror!

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