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Recovery is…?

Last week it was Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and I was thinking about recovery and what a misunderstood process it can be. My own recovery began almost 14 years ago, at which point I thought it was only about weight restoration (ha!). At various points in the years since, I’ve considered my time in recovery to be over, and while in some ways that’s true, in other ways it really, really isn’t. So I got to thinking about how I’d define recovery now, 14 years into the process, and put some of my thoughts down on paper. It’s worth saying that this is a very personal piece of work which you may or may not find fits with your experience – and I’d be interested to hear thoughts on that. Heck, in another 14 years I’ll probably have a totally new perspective again and laugh at this. But for now, in this moment at least, this is what recovery means to me…

Recovery Is


14 thoughts on “Recovery is…?”

  1. Hello, Katie.
    This drawing is fantastic, perfectly accurate. You accurately describe how it goes a typical day, a week or a month, in the life of a person with an eating disorder. I use to think I was recovered, but I surprise myself looking to thin people again, spending too much time thinking about food and caloric data, you know…

    It’s not the same. It’s not about the old tricks to lose weight. Now is a different thing I can’t understand despite to my age.

    Not all the days are the same. Neither am I.

    I see changes in words and drawings and the desire to stay and fight.

    Thanks for your work.

  2. Dear Katie,
    I come from the Czech Republic, thus occurence of mistakes and inappropriate words in this comment is inevitable. Also, I have no idea where you write commas in English. I apologise for that. In Czech, there are rules strict enough you can comprehend and memorise them relatively quickly but I have not understood “comma part” of English grammar (yet).
    Back to the topic.
    Luckily, I have never “developed” an eating disorder, however I am in the middle of (or more likely in the beginning of) another recovery: I am trying to control, heal and hide all wounds, marks, and patterns I have been left with because of depression and borderline personality disorder (which carries some “overeating & starving yourself mix” with it, too, sadly).
    In my opinion, you chose the perfect words to make the picture empathise, understand, encourage and shine on its own. The way you played with the size, shape, and colours of the letters is beautiful. What I love and what touched my soul the most is that thanks to the choice of words and colours there is no judging, no criticising, not even the slightest sign of the negative feelings you encounter in recovery.
    I am enchanted by the space background of “stumbling blind”. Another of my favourite parts could be:
    Screaming Crying
    Dancing Laughing

    And everything else in the picture. Thank you! May your mind always inspire you and help you and others grow. It is indeed a pleasure to meet your virtual self.

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