Drawing, Work In Progress

A Page of Penguins


I’d like your opinion, please.

For the last couple of months in between other things, I’ve been working away on the largest scratchboard drawing I’ve made yet: a page of penguins.

I’m rather chuffed with how they look, and though I hadn’t really planned on doing anything with the finished piece, a few people have suggested that it would make a nice poster and I rather agree. So I’ve been looking into the costs of a print run.


As is so often the case, the unit price of anything printed drops significantly the more you order, but this isn’t a real saving if I end up with a pile of penguins stuffed under my bed for the next few years. It’s a balancing act of knowing that it’s a product enough people might want, at the same time as being able to offer a reasonable price. I’m trying to be pragmatic – and honest – about the challenges of putting artwork out in the world, and what the difference is between an image that people like and a viable product.


So I’d love to know, is a penguin poster is something you’d actually be interested in?

It might be that this is just a page of penguins that I’ve enjoyed drawing and people enjoy looking at online: that would be OK! But if it is something you think you might like to buy – with no obligation – please let me know, because I would like to try and make it available.

And if it is something you’d like, what would you consider a reasonable price? It’s 50 x 60cm, if that helps. Again, no obligation. I’m just wondering where’s the price point that would make you say “yes, definitely!” and the one that would make you decide “hmm, no that’s too much…”

I will be SO grateful to hear what you think. Thank you :)


8 thoughts on “A Page of Penguins”

  1. I would definitely buy one, I love it! What size are you thinking of having the poster? That will affect the cost, but I would pay £20

  2. I would buy one to use with my Year 2 class at school. A lovely, clear poster. Very pretty. Not sure about costs though, sorry. I am not very good at things like that.

  3. Definitely would buy one for my penguin loving little sister (who is in her 20’s :) ).
    Yeah, I think £20 would be my limit too.

  4. I do like your style a lot, but for sure I would rather buy a dogs poster. It’s beautiful. And the price of a 50×60 copy, between 7 and 10 eur.

  5. It’s a lovely poster and a great idea. It’s something I might buy for my grandchildren as a little gift for their bedrooms, so realistically I’d only want to pay about £5-£10 plus p&p. I wouldn’t expect it to be a high quality poster at this price – just standard poster paper/digital print quality. If it was an editioned screen print, I’d pay more, but would probably buy it for as a gift for an adult. Price would depend on the edition size etc.

  6. This is such a cute and detailed poster! Considering the effort that has obviously gone into this, I reckon people would pay quite a decent price! It’s too cute! :D I love your style :)

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