Sewing: Dino Pyjamas


Pattern: Simplicity 8376, View 1
Fabric: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex jersey with Triceratops print, and 100% cotton jersey for neckband
Size Made: M

Pattern: Burda 6659, View A
Fabric: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex jersey with Triceratops print, and 100% cotton jersey for waistband and cuffs
Size Made: 44

This project was an unexpected success! I’d had this dinosaur jersey sitting around for some time, intending to get to grips with my overlocker which I still haven’t done. Instead, I sewed these pyjamas entirely using the zig zag stitch on my normal sewing machine. They were a surprisingly quick and easy make, with very satisfying results.


I made the bottoms first, with very few modifications from the pattern. The only change I planned to make was to not include a drawstring at the waist. However, when it came to fitting the waistband I didn’t have any narrow elastic handy, so instead of two bands of narrow elastic I opted for a single band of wide. Otherwise I made no changes and I’m frankly astounded by how well these fit!


With the top, I changed the shape of the front and back pieces, which tapered in at the waist and out again at the hip. I simplified the shape by drawing a straight line from underarm to hem, more like a standard t shirt. I’m really happy with the finished shape and I’d make it exactly the same again.


The Burda pattern (trousers) was labelled ‘easy’, and it certainly was, but the instructions were very brief and so I don’t think the pattern would be suitable for a beginner without any support. The Simplicity pattern, however, was quite detailed and more accessible, and I think would make quite a good first jersey sewing project.


I’ve pretty much not taken these pyjamas off since finishing them. They’re incredibly comfortable, I’m pleased with the fit and I definitely plan to make more. They feel like the right clothes for 2020.