Katie GreenPortrait by Chris Bertram

Hello and welcome! I’m Katie and I like to make things. I am some days an author, illustrator or comics artist, others a designer and crafter. I’m yet to find a one-word job title that I like.

I am an explorer and a daydreamer; I love to learn, and I am interested in everything. There is no typical day for me. I can be found anywhere between giving a workshop in a hospital to snuggling up with my sketchbook on the sofa, but I’m perhaps happiest in my studio, engaged in some meticulous and detailed process. Whether it’s drawing or knitting, the act of creating – more than any finished product – is why I do what I do. Be it a book, a dress, or a cake, I relish the meditative quality of my hands and mind being utterly absorbed in the making.

I am a nature-lover, bookworm and tea-drinker-extraordinaire. In the in-between moments I’m most likely to be found with a cup of tea in hand, my nose in a book, or walking the wonderful English countryside with my dog, Jack.

You can read my formal bio and CV here, and email me here if you like :)