Lighter Than My Shadow

Lighter Than My Shadow cover mockup


Like most kids, Katie was a picky eater. She’d sit at the table in silent protest, hide uneaten toast in her bedroom, listen to parental threats she’d have to eat it for breakfast.

But in any life a set of circumstances can collide, and normal behaviour can soon shade into something sinister, something deadly.

Lighter Than My Shadow is a hand-drawn story of struggle and recovery, a trip into the black heart of a taboo illness, an exposure of those who are so weak they prey on the weak, and an inspiration to anybody who believes in the human power to endure towards happiness.

Lighter Than My Shadow, my first book, is naturally a project very close to my heart. Twelve years in the making from idea to publication, it is quite possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done (and that’s not discounting the story contained within the book itself).

If you’d like a signed copy you can order from me directly here.