The Crystal Mirror



Who is the mysterious woman sitting in a puddle in the noonday sun?

How will the ugly king repay the master painter for his unusual portrait?

Will the mighty warrior really kill the cuddliest monster in the world?

Enter the Crystal Mirror and find timeless tales for children and grown-ups alike – a world of monsters, painters, princes, princesses, courageous bats and chuckling old men who live on rocks in the middle of the ocean. Each is a story of questing and transformation, and of the surprises that await us when we finally discover what we have long been looking for…

The Crystal Mirror is a collaboration between my dear friend Tim Malnick and myself. I’d wanted to illustrate his charming short stories since her first allowed me to read them. We found the right publishers, Vala, in 2012, and with their help crowd-sourced funding for the book from 92 generous supporters who helped us bring our vision to life.

If you’d like to order a signed (by me) copy, you can do so here.