September, I Love You

September has always been my favourite month of the year. I love how the air begins to feel different as we move into a new season. The cool, fresh misty mornings and a particular golden light that heralds the beginning of autumn. Favourite warm clothing and beloved blankets start to make a reappearance. September brings me a back-to-school kind of feeling, a sense of beginning still ingrained on my mind from childhood: the desire and energy to set to work on new things.

This September also brought the discovery of a new beach, and magical mornings in the woods where the spiders and mist put on a show especially for us. A peaceful holiday at home, a dog beginning to settle and one rather spiffing birthday cake.

September 6

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Swedish Princess Cake

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Lovely Scotland

I’ve just returned from a wonderful holiday in Scotland, with good company from my illustration buddy Katriona Chapman. The weather was very, very kind to us (I couldn’t resist a dip in that perfect water) and the fresh air, mountains and sheep were very, very good to my brain.

At this point, I would normally say I’ve returned re-inspired and promise to knuckle down and be productive, but I’m wary and cautious of putting pressure on myself. I have returned inspired and energised, full of ideas and more keen to be at the drawing board than I have for many months. But I can make no immediate promises of what I will draw and when, just that I will practice turning up at my desk and being patient with whatever that brings. Thank you for being patient with me.