It’s been a quiet few weeks here. I spent the festive season mostly offline, catching up with friends, family and most of all myself. The end of 2013 flew by in a haze of excitement and travelling, as Lighter Than My Shadow was published and The Crystal Mirror hot on its heels. It was a huge change of pace to go from my mostly solitary, intensive working lifestyle to being out there speaking, presenting, selling books and telling the world about it. I barely had time to adjust to the transition of my work being ‘out there’, let alone the transition that was going on in the background: just before Lighter Than My Shadow was published I moved away from Bristol, which I’d called home for 11 years. For the first few months I barely saw my new home, but in the last few weeks I feel I’ve finally begun to settle in.

The last few quiet weeks have been glorious, taking time to adjust to my new surroundings, and to no longer having an all-consuming project on my hands. Of course I’ve been setting goals, making lists, all that stuff we all try and do in January. I hope 2014 will enable me to blog more, to hurry the heck up with some new Green Beans, to learn some new skills…but I also hope I can hold on for a bit to this sense of slowing down, settling in and appreciating where I am (which was looking particularly beautiful today).