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Recovery is…?

Last week it was Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and I was thinking about recovery and what a misunderstood process it can be. My own recovery began almost 14 years ago, at which point I thought it was only about weight restoration (ha!). At various points in the years since, I’ve considered my time in recovery to be over, and while in some ways that’s true, in other ways it really, really isn’t. So I got to thinking about how I’d define recovery now, 14 years into the process, and put some of my thoughts down on paper. It’s worth saying that this is a very personal piece of work which you may or may not find fits with your experience – and I’d be interested to hear thoughts on that. Heck, in another 14 years I’ll probably have a totally new perspective again and laugh at this. But for now, in this moment at least, this is what recovery means to me…

Recovery Is



A New Green Bean

Green Bean Volume 4 Issue 1

I’ve just published is a new issue of the Green Bean and rather a special one, the one I talked about here. Throughout the process of working on Lighter Than My Shadow I found there were moments or behaviour patterns I experienced that I really wanted to talk about. Of course I’ll be sharing some of them on the blog in the coming months, but it also felt important to create something tangible, something ‘real’. There are drawings, comics and words in this zine that are more candid than I’ve ever been, apart from in Lighter Than My Shadow itself, and that I won’t share anywhere else. It’s quite different from the usual Green Beans, but I think that’s a good thing.

You can see more photos and buy the new issue here.


It is here!

Picture 1

I’m very very excited to share with you my new website,, where you’ll find a 24-page preview of my forthcoming graphic memoir, Lighter Than My Shadow.

This site has been in the works for a while – actually at one stage I thought I’d be able to update it while I was working on the book. (Ha!) But it’s here at last, and in the coming months leading up to publication I’ll be blogging there about the process of creating the book, as well as sharing some sneak peeks and ‘deleted scenes’.