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What I’ve Been Reading Lately…


Book Pile

Ever since the very first issue of the Green Bean, I’ve been drawing the stacks of books that accumulate on my desk and by my bedside as I buy, read and queue up more books than I any sensible person can store in a reasonably sized home. It’s one of my favourite tasks in making a new Green Bean and I often start a new issue with the book reviews. This stack will be featuring in a brand new issue coming up in early February.


The Crystal Mirror is Here!

Wait five years for Katie to finish a book and then two come along at once!

Katie Holding The Crystal Mirror

I can hardly believe that just over a month since Lighter Than My Shadow was published, The Crystal Mirror is going out into the world as well. It was perhaps not the wisest decision I’ve ever made to agree to illustrate a 96-page collection of stories in the six months between finishing LTMS and publication. But, I was up for the challenge and thanks some extremely generous folk who responded to our crowd-funding campaign it was financially viable. As a result I spent six months collaborating with one of my dearest friends, author Tim Malnick, producing our beautiful book.



The official publication date is today, and The Crystal Mirror is now available in my online shop. However, the official launch party will come at the end of the month, with a rather special celebration (including some characters from the stories in the flesh!) in Leigh Woods, near Bristol. It would be lovely to see you there!

The Crystal Mirror launch party invitation

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Katie Green signing Lighter Than My Shadow

It’s really quite strange when suddenly the thing that all your thoughts and efforts and motivations for the past five twelve years have been pushing towards happens. It’s at once the most fulfilling and the most emptying experience I’ve ever had. People have constantly been asking me how it feels and in all honesty I don’t know. It does not quite feel real.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful that the fruit of my labours is out there, a real book in real bookshops for real people to pick up and buy and read. It’s wonderful that some of those people have liked it, and some have said very nice things, even in public places like Amazon and Stylist Magazine. I’ve even been in the paper and I’ve been on Radio 4. I’ve been interviewed and I’ve guest-blogged and I’ve given talks and even enjoyed giving them. I feel like I’ve achieved something of value, and it’s been amazing to meet people who’ve read it and think so too.

But I’ve also been missing having a project. After so many years tethered to Lighter Than My Shadow, I feel a bit disorientated now that it’s finished. I keep having new ideas for it, forgetting that it’s done and dusted and out there. In some ways I want it back, not because I’m unhappy with what I did but because I miss the doing.

People keep asking me, “What’s next?” and I get grumpy, because that book took me 5 years to draw and they read it in two hours and they want more already? But as I’m adjusting to the feeling of my first book being ‘done,’ I’m also adjusting to the notion that this – drawing, book-making – might be what I do. So yes, I hope there will be another.

And if you really can’t wait, of course, there is another. The Crystal Mirror, written by Tim Malnick and illustrated by me, is published by Vala next week. More, including details of the book launch coming soon…