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Lovely Scotland

I’ve just returned from a wonderful holiday in Scotland, with good company from my illustration buddy Katriona Chapman. The weather was very, very kind to us (I couldn’t resist a dip in that perfect water) and the fresh air, mountains and sheep were very, very good to my brain.

At this point, I would normally say I’ve returned re-inspired and promise to knuckle down and be productive, but I’m wary and cautious of putting pressure on myself. I have returned inspired and energised, full of ideas and more keen to be at the drawing board than I have for many months. But I can make no immediate promises of what I will draw and when, just that I will practice turning up at my desk and being patient with whatever that brings. Thank you for being patient with me.

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Lovely Sheep

Sheep Zine

Two years ago, and again a year before that, I spent three weeks on a working retreat in the English countryside. The purpose was to leave all distractions and commitments behind and give myself time to focus completely on Lighter Than My Shadow. After both of those retreats I came back with a new draft of the entire book.

Sheep Zine

I also made some friends, and after the second retreat I published a (now sold out) zine about them. And, well, it’s been two years and I have a new project that needs my complete time and attention. I also miss these nine woolly ladies. So I’m off to spend a week with them, getting my head down and making some progress on The Crystal Mirror and Other Stories. But who knows, perhaps I’ll come back with some new sheep drawings too…

Katie Green and Sheep