The Crystal Mirror is Here!

Wait five years for Katie to finish a book and then two come along at once!

Katie Holding The Crystal Mirror

I can hardly believe that just over a month since Lighter Than My Shadow was published, The Crystal Mirror is going out into the world as well. It was perhaps not the wisest decision I’ve ever made to agree to illustrate a 96-page collection of stories in the six months between finishing LTMS and publication. But, I was up for the challenge and thanks some extremely generous folk who responded to our crowd-funding campaign it was financially viable. As a result I spent six months collaborating with one of my dearest friends, author Tim Malnick, producing our beautiful book.



The official publication date is today, and The Crystal Mirror is now available in my online shop. However, the official launch party will come at the end of the month, with a rather special celebration (including some characters from the stories in the flesh!) in Leigh Woods, near Bristol. It would be lovely to see you there!

The Crystal Mirror launch party invitation


The Crystal Mirror

Eight years ago, when I was first deciding that I wanted to be an illustrator, my dear friend Tim shared with me some stories he had written. I took them away and read the manuscript cover to cover, immediately falling in love with the characters such as The Cuddliest Monster in The World, or Polly, The Girl Who Was Always Changing. I knew straight away I wanted to illustrate them.

Fast forward a few years – because I had a lot of studying to do, and a certain other project that needed finishing first – and now I’m illustrating Tim’s stories for real.

The Crystal Mirror and Other Stories is currently my full-time job. Our gorgeous little hardback book is being published, hopefully this November, by Vala. But all of this is only possible because the book is being crowd-funded, and lovely folks have been signing up to support the book’s creation. Here’s a video to tell you a little more about it…

We are still a little short on our fundraising target, but there are still a couple of weeks left if you’re able and would like to help us out – in return we’re sharing every stage of the book’s creation (spilled paint, tantrums and all) on The Crystal Mirror website, as well as offering prints, limited edition handmade books and invites to our launch party – hopefully in November!